A mini-golf x flying-simulator game set in a tranquil toy manufacturing office.
When: May 2020 - November 2020
Roles: Producer / Level Designer
Team Size: 12 / 4 people
• Created 2 semester long schedules
 (using SCRUM in Trello)
• Gray boxed / polished levels 2 & 4
• Created all promotion videos
• Reached out to conferences to showcase
About midway through the projects development cycle I had to make the decision whether to make more content or polish (make 8 levels in total) or to polish and perfect the 4 we had currently. 
     There were many pros and cons as more levels means more content but polish means better content. In the end while we had originally planned to make 8 levels we came to the decision to polish the physics and make the levels more vibrant. 
     This choice to me feels like the right one as the levels are much more alive now and since we didn't have to make any more levels we made an achievement system that increased the replicability.
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