Working with others to achieve a common goal is my passion in life. I wish to utilize my skills in leadership, communication, and SCRUM, to make all elements of production smooth, effective, and fun!
 I live to serve. 
"The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement! " 
Game Industry Volunteering
 ⚫ GDC Conference Associate (CA) 2020 
- Volunteer training.
- Attended CA Mentor Panels
- Worked until COVID :((

 ⚫ DevCom 2020  
- Help Desk worker
- Speaker Moderator 

 ⚫ Game Developers Session (GDS) 2020 
- Speaker/Panel Moderator
- Panel Q&A Moderator
Non-Game Professional Background
 ⚫ The National Student Leadership Conference
- Taught high school students game development principles & leadership skills
Games I'm Currently Playing
 ⚫ Beat Saber
 ⚫ Paladins
 ⚫ Hearthstone

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